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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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She saw another handful in front of her and hastened to reach it before it should disappear. She ambled, she lumbered forward. She broke into a trot. She was aware subconsciously of an unaccustomed weight upon her back; but she was a pig of one idea, and at present that one idea was sawdust. Moreover, the new sense of freedom stimulated her. She had discovered suddenly the use of her legs. She could trot. She could run. The discovery was exhilarating. She trotted. She ran. And before her, ever retreating, was that luscious handful of sawdust. Henry, his whole mind taken up with the thrill of making Eglantine run, backed slowly round the house to the front garden and crossed the lawn and disappeared into the bushes. Eglantine, seeing the ambrosial feast disappearing, forgot years of indolence and scampered across the lawn as fast as her legs would take her, William riding triumphantly upon her back. It was at this moment that Mr. Ballater chanced to look out of his dining-room window. His face blanched, his mouth and eyes opened to their fullest extent. There was his Eglantine, his cherished Eglantine, who never stirred from her repose—except to stagger the few inches from her trough to her sleeping quarters — scampering — scampering across the lawn with a common human boy upon her sacred back. Eglantine, who had a show next week, losing pounds of precious fat by this unseemly gambol. Beside himself with fury, he rushed out and seized Eglantine by her inadequate tail. Eglantine, William and Mr. Ballater rolled together on to the lawn. Henry, Ginger and Douglas, realising that discretion is the better part of valour, took to their heels. Mr. Ballater, still beside himself with fury, seized William's ears and shook him violently till Eglantine, excited by all this unusual commotion, charged him in the stomach and all three rolled over on the grass again. Mr. Ballater recovered first. He sat up, removed one of Eglantine's hind feet from
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