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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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240                                WILLIAM
always find ways of stoppin' other people doin' things they don't want them to, an' I bet I'm as good as a person in a book any day."
" How do they stop people doin' things they don't want them to ? " said Douglas.
" Sometimes-----" began William, then suddenly his
face shone. " Yes ! " he said, " that's how we'll do it."
" How ? " said the Outlaws eagerly.
" We'll find out somethin' he's done wrong in his past an' hold it over him that if he goes an' tells about the pig we'll set the police on him."
The faces of the Outlaws shone eagerly at this, then clouded over as its one weak spot dawned on them.
" S'pose he hasn't done anythin' wrong in his past," said Douglas.
" He doesn't look as if he'd ever done anythin' wrong in his past," said Henry sadly; " he's got aa good sort of face."
" Yes," said William eagerly, " but that's why he's never got found out. With him havin' a good sort of face people took for granted that he hadn't done it. If he'd had a bad sort of face they'd have known he did it."
" Did what ? " said Henry the literal.
" Did whatever he did," said William.
" Well, what did he do ? "
" That's what we've gotter find out," said William, and added feelingly, I bet he murdered someone pullin' their ears out."
" But we haven't any proof he's done anythin' wrong at all," persisted Henry.
'" If he hasn't done anythin' wrong," said William, " why's he livin' in the country keepin' pigs ? '
This question seemed unanswerable to everyone but Henry who, ventured mildly:
" P'raps he likes livin' in the country keepin' pigs."
" Course he doesn't," said William. " He may like livin' in the country, but he doesn't like keepin' pigs."
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