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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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the lawn this morning. I've rung up his father. He's away till to-morrow evening. I'm going to see him then."
They entered the gate of Mr. Ballater's garden and walked up the drive. They came round the side of the house. A boy was sitting in the middle of the rose bed beneath a bedroom window.
' That's the boy," said Mr. Ballater excitedly.
The boy addressed the Vicar calmly.
" Good ! " he said, " you've got him. I hoped
someone 'd catch him before he'd lied right off. I've
got the one that stayed to elect the things. I've got
him up there. He's got all the rest of the things in a
sack. You can hear him shoutin' if you listen." ******
William's father had arrived home.
" I suppose, my dear," he said wistfully to William's mother. " that nothing has happened to prevent my taking William to the pantomime to morrow ? I mean no complaint from neighbours or anything like that ? '
" Oh, no, dear," said Mrs. Brown. " Just the opposite. Mr. Ballater says he caught a thief for him. He's most grateful to him. There was something about a pig and a teapot, too, but it was such a complicated story that I couldn t follow it. Anyway, the upshot of it all is that he caught a thief for Mr. Ballater, and Mr. Ballater s so grateful to him that he's going to take them ail to the Zoo next week, for a little treat."
" Heaven help him !" said William's father feelingly.
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