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There was a Young Lady whose nose
Was so long that it reached to her toes;
So she hired an Old Lady, whose conduct was
To carry that wonderful nose.
There was an Old Person of Chester,
Whom several small children did pester;
They threw some large stones, which broke most
of his bones,
And displeased that Old Person of Chester.
There was a Young Lady of Norway,
Who casually sat in a doorway;
When the door squeezed her flat, she exclaimed,
"What of that?"
This courageous Young Lady of Norway.
There was an Old Man of the Cape,
Who possessed a large Barbary Ape;
Till the Ape, one dark night, set the house all
Which burned that Old Man of the Cape.
There was an Old Man of Apulia, Whose conduct was very peculiar; He fed twenty sons upon nothing but buns, That whimsical Man of Apulia.