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My general policy is to provide only family suitable material that is related to traditional music. This is not usually too much of a problem, as most of the material originates from the 19th century, a time when, arguable, in many resects, moral standards were higher than today. However, some common cultural values of that era, particularly in the area of ethnicity, would be considered unacceptable by today's standards.

In general, I hope you will consider this site as you might a regular library, there may be some books here that you don't like, but don't blame your librarian too much. If you find an item on this site that you really think is unsuitable, and has no redeeming academic or historical value, let me know about if and I will seriously consider removing it.


This site does take paid advertising, the revenue from which helps to pay for site expenses such as web hosting and domain rental. Unfortunately, the amounts earned are tiny, but they do make it possible for me to continue with this hobby site, whereas I would be tempted to give it up if I had to pay for it entirely from my small retirement income. I also suspect that many other excellent hobby sites may be in the same situation.

Most of my adverts are from Google, who on the whole, serve relevant, appropriate and non-aggresive adverts.
If you do see any inappropriate advert on this site (one that is too pushy or you would not be happy to let your child or granny see) please let me know the URL of the offending advertiser and I will block them.

Blocking All Adverts.

Sadly, increasing numbers of visitors to this and other good sites are choosing to block ALL adverts. It may be something you have never even thought about, but your decision in this affects not only you, the site visitor, but also the site owner who has made the material available to you.

I like your content, but screw you !

By blocking adverts while browsing this site you are effectively saying "I like to read your content, but screw you"

Or perhaps you might think that a friendly sites like this, that provide good content, deserve support; if so, please allow us one of the very few sources of income open to us and don't block our ads.

This is your ethical choice; my "if you can read this message" banners are ONLY on this and the home page, so you can continue browsing the rest of the site blocking my ads with out annoyance from my messages if you so choose.

Causes of blocking.

If you can see a Google advert at the top of this page then you are NOT blocking adverts, if you see my text directing you to read this section then you are.

As well as using blocker software, sometimes the settings in your browser can cause it most commonly by having scripting turned of. By the way, many sites use menus that rely on JavaScript so turning it of will also give you navigation problems on such sites. Having accept cookies turned off complete will cause cause problems and will also prevent online purchasing and login on most secure sites.

In Internet Explorer setting your security and privacy to their default level provides enough security for safe browsing and won't generally cause you unwanted blocking. Go to Tools, Internet options then Security, then press the default button, do the same under the Privacy tag then click the apply button at the bottom to finish off. In Firefox go to Tools Options
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Display Quality of books.

The books on this site are basically scans of old books converted into web pages. Scanning and using optical character reading is an inherently imprecise process and liable to various errors and weirdnesses, and sadly you will find some in these online books despite my efforts to clean them up. There is also the problem of making a web page look as near as possible to the original book page. To do this I make extensive use of cascading style sheets (CSS) in my pages. The correct display of such web pages is very much to do with how your web browser interprets the pages code and displays it on your screen. In general I have found that Firefox is quite a lot better than Internet Explore and suggest that you give it a try.


I have found a page at:

where you can download some free versions of the Bookman font. I have looked at these and they look pretty similar to the real ones. Children's Nursery site uses the regular, bold and italic versions, so you should download and install at least those. They are provided only in Truetype (.ttf) format for Windows. They are easy to install; just copy the .ttf files into your Windows font folder which for most people will be found at:


In case the above page disappears, let me know at rodsmith at (modify to standard form before use) and I will try and provide you with an alternative download source.

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