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300 favourite fables with illustrations by Arthur Rackham

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A FARMER'S BOY went looking for Snails, and, when he had picked up both his hands full, he set about making a fire at which to roast them ; for he meant to eat them. When it got well alight and the Snails began to feel the heat, they gradually withdrew more and more into their shells with the hissing noise they always make when they do so. When the Boy heard it, he said, You abandoned creatures, how can you find heart to whistle when your houses are burning ? '
TWO men were travelling together, one of whom never spoke the truth, whereas the other never told a lie : and they came in the course of their travels to the land of Apes. The King of the Apes, hearing of their arrival, ordered them to be brought before him ; and by way of impressing them with his magnificence, he received them sitting on a throne, while the Apes, his subjects, were ranged in long rows on either side of him. When the Travellers came into his presence he asked them what they thought of him as a King. The lying Traveller said, ' Sire, every one must see that you are a most noble and mighty monarch." "And what do you think of my subjects ? ' continued the King. They," said the Traveller, " are in every way