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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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FOWLS.                                            I39
laid in cold salt and water to draw out the blood Cover closely and stew slowly 2 1-2 hours, frequently stirring from the bottom. Then add the tomatoes and the sugar, and stew another 1-2 hour longer. Ten minutes before you take it up from the fire add the butter, give it a final boil, taste to see that it is seasoned to your liking and turn it into a deep dish or tureen. It should be eaten from soup plates. This stew is named from Brunswick county, Virginia, where the large gray squirrel is abundant, as in all parts of that State.
Note.—Chickens or fowls are improved in flavor if, before cook­ing, they be rubbed inside and outside with lemon juice or a weak solution of pure fruit vinegar and water. This will also improve the flavor of pork, though the lemon juice is used after being served on the table.
Roasted Duck.—A particularly tender duck should be procured for roasting. Stuff the duck with stuffing prepared as follows: Take 4 onions cut in slices, with 24 sage leaves, blanch both for 5 min­utes, drain and chop fine ; put in a stewpan with 1 spoonful of but­ter, 2 pinches of salt and 2 small pinches of pepper; simmer gently for 10 minutes, stirring with a wooden spoon; add a handful of bread crumbs and stir for 2 minutes more ; the stuffing is then ready for use ; truss the duck and put it to roast before a brisk fire for 16 minutes. Roasted duck should be sent to the table rather under­done. Remove the string, pour the gravy under the duck and serve. If not stuffed, a garnish of water-cresses is sometimes served around roasted ducks.
To Boil Ducks.—Choose a fine, fat duck, salt it 2 days, and then boil it in a cloth. Serve with onion sauce, but melt the butter with milk instead of water.
Boiled Goose—(Mrs. D. H. H.).—Dress and singe your goose, put it into a deep dish, cover with boiling milk and leave over night. Next morning wash off the milk and put the fowl into cold water on the fire; when boiling hot, take it off and wash it in warm water and dry with a cloth. This process takes out the oil. Fill the body with a dressing of bread crumbs seasoned with pepper, salt, butter and 1 chopped onions, if relished, and a little sage. Put the goose into cold water and boil gently until tender. Serve with a sauce made of giblets, liver, with pickles or sour jellies.
To Dress a Green Goose.—A goose, 3 oz. butter, pepper and salt to taste. Geese are called green until they are about 4 months old, and should be stuffed. After it has been singed and trussed as roasted goose, put into the body a seasoning of pepper and salt and the butter to moisten it inside. Roast in a stove or before a clear fire for 3-4 of an hour, froth and brown it nicely, and serve with brown gravy, and when liked, gooseberry sauce. This dish should