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2A2                                SWEET PUDDINGS.
Fine English Boiled Plum Pudding.{Mrs. Tod Robinson?)— One half pound citron, i pound each of currants, brown sugar, flour, beef suet and raisins; 8 eggs, i gill each of wine and brandy, i nutmeg, i teaspoonful of salt; add brown sugar to the yolks, then i pint of milk and flour alternately with the chopped citron and other ingredients. Boil 5 or 6 hours.
Pudding-English FLOUR.--(Mrs. Mary Jeanson.) One half pound of soda, crackers rolled to powder under a rolling pin, 1-2 lb. of flour, 1-2 lb. of currants well washed and dried, 1-2 lb. of Sultana raisins or common raisins seeded and chopped, 2 oz. citron, 1-4 oz. taken altogether of cloves, mace and nutmeg, 1-2 lb. chopped suet (very fine), 10 eggs well beaten, 1-2 pint brandy; stir all well together; if desired, a smaller quantity of the ingredients can be used. Boil full 2 hours—scalded.
Note—In all boiled puddings the cloth should be wet in boil­ing water before placing the pudding in, and before turning it out dip in cold water. This process will prevent it from sticking.
Sauce for Mrs. Mary Jeanson's English Plum Pudding or Foam Sauce.—One half lb. of butter, 2 cups white sugar powdered. These should be beaten together to a cream; 1-2 teacup each warm water and brandy to flavor. Stir to a foam; a most delicious sauce.
Note—To make hot brandy sauce, the whole should be boiled a little and the brandy added while hot.
Boiled Plum Pudding.—Stone and cut, but do not chop, 1 1-2 lbs. good Muscatel raisins, and cleanse without cutting 1 lb. Sultana rais­ins ; wash and dry 2 lbs. of Zantecurrants; cut into small, thin slices 1-2 lb mixed candied peel, grate the rinds of 2 lemons and 1 oz. nut­meg ; add 1 oz. ground cinnamon, 1-2 oz. pounded bitter almonds, 2 lbs. of finely chopped suet and 2 lbs of bread crumbs; mix these ingredients well together, dry. Beat the yolks of 16 eggs and 2 lbs. of sugar to a froth: beat separately the whites of the eggs to a solid froth ; when this is done, stir 1 gill of brandy into the dry ingredients, add quickly the beaten yolks and whites, a little at a time, alternately; beat the whole rapidly together till well mixed. Butter well and flour a stout new pudding-cloth or a pudding-mould; put in the pudding, tie down very tightly and closely. Boil 8 hours. Serve with brandy or lemon sauce. This pudding is enough for fourteen persons.
Baked Plum Pudding.—Two lbs. of flour, 1 lb. of currants, 1 lb. of raisins, 1 lb. of suet, 2 eggs, 1 pint of milk, a few slices of can­died peel Chop the suet finely, mix it with the flour, currants, stoned raisins and candied peel; moisten with the well-beaten eggs, and add sufficient milk, to make the pudding of the consistency of very thick batter. Put it into the buttered dish and bake in a good ovep from a 1-2 to 2 3-4 hours, turn it out, strew sifted sugar over