The American Pictorial Home Book
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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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Minced Meat with Uncooked Meat.— Take 3 1-2pounds each of finely chopped beef suet, the lean sirloin of beef minced raw, and finely chopped apples that are large and plump, 7 pounds of well picked, washed and dried currants, 1-2 pound each of citron, lemon peel and orange peel, cut small; 2 lb. fine moist sugar, 1 oz. mixed spices, the rind and juice of 4 lemons and 4 California oranges. Mix well and put in a deep pan, mix a bottle of brandy and 1 of white wine, the juice of the lemons and oranges that have been grated to­gether in a basin, pour 1-2 over and press down tight with the hand, then add the other half and cover closely. It can be made 1 year to be used the next.
Minced Meat with Raisins.—Of the lean of a round of fresh beef that has been boiled thoroughly and tender recently, but cold, 3 pounds chopped as finely as possible with a chopping knife, clear off skin and filaments, 2 pounds of fresh beef suet minced very fine and add to it, and 1 pound of brown sugar. Mix thoroughly. Pick, wash and dry well before the fire 2 pounds of currants and 2 pounds of the best of raisins seeded and chopped fine. Some raisins have no seeds, and therefore are the best for cooking pur­poses. Three pounds of finely chopped apples, the peel and juice of 2 large lemons or oranges, the peel grated in a saucer and the juice strained through a sieve over it Mix this with the raisins and currants; 1 pint of sweet wine, 1 tablespoonful of finely powdered cinnamon and white ginger, the spoons heaped; a heaped tea-spoonful each of powdered nutmeg, cloves, mace and pimento, and also 1-2 pound of citron, not minced, but cut into large slips. Press the whole into a deep stone jar when thoroughly mixed, and keep it covered in a cool, dry place. One-half the quantity is enough unless for a very large family. Have citron, orange and lemon peel ready, and put some in each of the pies when made.
Lemon Minced Meat.—Pound 4 lemons in a mortar after boiling them till soft, or chopping them while warm will do. Then mix with them 2 pounds of white sugar, let it remain over night, then the next morning add 2 pounds of suet minced very fine, 1 pound of rai­sins chopped and seeded, 2 pounds of clean, washed and dried currants, a gill each of brandy and port wine, 1 spoonful of mixed spices.
Rich Mince Meats.—Take 12 pounds of fat rump beef, the fatter the better, 4 pounds of fat pork, boil them together in just enough water to cover them until very tender; when sufficiently done the meat will fall away from the bone; chop them together while warm; when finely minced add 4 pounds currants washed,