The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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THK SHADOW                           381
you that he is so proud of passing for a man, that, if he is to be in a good humour, and he should be so to answer rightly, he must be treated just like a man.'
' I like that,' said the Princess.
And now she went to the learned man at the door ; and she spoke with him of sun and moon, of people both inside and out, and the learned man answered very cleverly and very well.
' What a man that must be, who has such a clever shadow!' she thought. ' It would be a real blessing for my country and for my people if I chose him for my husband ; and I'll do it!'
And they soon struck a bargain—the Princess and the Shadow ; but no one was to know anything of it till she had returned to her kingdom.
1 No one—not even my shadow,' said the Shadow ; and for this he had especial reasons.
And they came to the country where the Princess ruled, and where was her home.
' Listen, my friend,' said the Shadow to the learned man. ' Now I am as lucky and powerful as any one can become, I'll do something particular for you. You shall live with me in my palace, drive with me in the royal carriage, and have a hundred thousand dollars a year ; but you must let yourself be called a shadow by every one, and may never say that you were once a man ; and once a year, when I sit on the balcony and show myself, you must lie at my feet as it becomes my shadow to do. For I will tell you I'm going to marry the Princess, and this evening the wedding will be held.'
1 Now, that's too strong ! ' said the learned man. ' I won't do it; I won't have it. That would be cheating the whole country and the Princess too. I'll tell everything— that I'm the man and you are the Shadow, and that you are only dressed up ! '
' No one would believe that,' said the Shadow. ' Be reasonable, or I'll call the watch.'
' I'll go straight to the Princess,' said the learned man.
1 But I'll go first,' said the Shadow ; ' and you shall go to prison.'
And that was so ; for the sentinels obeyed him who they knew was to marry the Princess.