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Washington Irving's description of Old Christmas, Illustrated

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THE STAGE COACH                                33
her market, and must be sent again, if she forgets a pack of cards on Christmas eve. Great is the contention of Holly and Ivy, whether master or dame wears the breeches. Dice and cards benefit the butler; and if the cook do not lack wit, he will sweetly lick his fingers."
I was roused from this fit of luxurious medita­tion by a shout from my little travelling com­panions. They had been looking out of the coach-windows for the last few miles, recognising every tree and cottage as they approached home, and now there was a general burst of joy— " There's John! and there's old Carlo! and there's Bantam !" cried the happy little rogues, clapping their hands.
At the end of a lane there was an old sober-looking servant in livery waiting for them : he was accompanied by a superannuated pointer, and by the redoubtable Bantam, a little old rat of a pony, with a shaggy mane and long rusty tail, who stood dozing quietly by the roadside,
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