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Washington Irving's description of Old Christmas, Illustrated

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64                                CHRISTMAS EVE
and intermarriages of the whole house of Brace-bridge, which made him a great favourite with the old folks ; he was a beau of all the elder ladies and superannuated spinsters, among whom he was habitually considered rather a young fellow, and he was a master of the revels among the children ; so that there was not a more popular being in the sphere in which he moved than Mr. Simon Bracebridge. Of late years he had resided almost entirely with the Squire, to whom he had become a factotum, and whom he particu­larly delighted by jumping with his humour in respect to old times, and by having a scrap of an old song to suit every occasion. We had presently a specimen of his last-mentioned talent ; for no sooner was supper removed, and spiced wines and other beverages peculiar to the season introduced, than Master Simon was called on for a good old Christmas song. He bethought him­self for a moment, and then, with a sparkle of the eye, and a voice that was by no means bad,
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