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Washington Irving's description of Old Christmas, Illustrated

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94                                CHRISTMAS DAY
Oxford, and had received this living shortly after the latter had come to his estate. He was a com­plete black-letter hunter, and would scarcely read a work printed in the Roman character. The editions of Caxton and Wynkin de Worde were his delight; and he was indefatigable in his researches after such old English writers as have fallen into oblivion from their worthlessness. In deference, perhaps, to the notions of Mr. Brace-bridge, he had made diligent investigations into the festive rights and holiday customs of former times; and had been as zealous in the inquiry, as if he had been a boon companion ; but it was merely with that plodding spirit with which men of adust temperament follow up any track of study, merely because it is denominated learning; indifferent to its intrinsic nature, whether it be the illustration of the wisdom, or of the ribaldry and obscenity of antiquity. He had poured over these old volumes so intensely, that they seemed to have been reflected into his countenance indeed ;
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