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Washington Irving's description of Old Christmas, Illustrated

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NOTES                                           165
Note H, p. 134.
" The custom of drinking out of the same cup gave place to each having his cup. When the steward came to the doore with the Wassel, he was to cry three times, Wassel^ Wassel, Wassel, and then the chappel (chaplain) was to answer with a song. Archaeologia.
Note I, p. 142.
"At Christmasse there was in the Kinge's house, wheresoever hee was lodged, a lorde of misrule, or mayster of merry disportes ; and the like had ye in the house of every nobleman of honor, or good worshippe, were he spirituall or temporall."Stow.
Note J, p. 151.
Maskings or mummeries were favourite sports at Christmas in old times; and the wardrobes at halls and manor-houses were often laid under contribution to furnish dresses and fantastic dis-guisings. I strongly suspect Master Simon to have taken the idea of his from Ben Jonson's Masque of Christmas.
Note K, p. 156.
Sir John Hawkins, speaking of the dance called the Pavon, from pavo, a peacock, says, "It is a grave and majestic dance ; the method of dancing it anciently was by gentlemen dressed with caps and swords, by those of the long robe in their gowns, by the peers in their mantles, and by the ladies in gowns with long trains, the motion whereof, in dancing, resembled that of a peacock." History of Music.
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