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Stories of Animals, Fantastic and Mundane, Edited By Andrew Lang

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Author of 'Animal Land' 'Sybil's Garden of Pleasant Beasts' and ' Epiotic Poems'
Sybil, the Beasts we bring to you Are not so friendly, not so odd,
As those that all amazed we view, The brutes created by your nodó The Wuss, the Azorkon, and the Pod;
But then our tales are true!
Fauna of fancy, one and all
Obey your happy voice, we know;
A garden zoological
Is all around, where'er you go. Mellys and Kanks walk to and fro,
And Dids attend your call.
We have but common wolves and bears, Lion and leopard, hawk and hind,
Tigers, and crocodiles, and hares: But yet they hope you will be kind, And mark wnth sympathetic mind
These moving tales of theirs.
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