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Stories of Animals, Fantastic and Mundane, Edited By Andrew Lang

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poor little thing was terribly weak from her long fast, and the nights and days she had passed on the rock, and Joys, who carried her home, feared that it was too late to bring her back to life. But the careful nursing of himself and his wife has done wonders, and she is as strong as ever she was.
How she ever got to that ledge, or what has become of her mistress, is still a mystery, and perhaps it always will be. Whether the hat was blown over the cliff, and the poor lady, trying to catch it, overbalanced herself and was carried out to sea, while the hat remained stuck on the rocks, and was followed by the dog, nobody knows, and most likely never will. But the dog has become quite a famous person, and several offers have been made to buy her from her kind hosts, so that she is quite sure to be petted as a heroine to the end of her days.
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