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Stories of Animals, Fantastic and Mundane, Edited By Andrew Lang

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When May came round, the French trader set out for the place, and found the Indian there before him, the box in his hand. He laid it on the ground, and called to the Great Father, but the Great Father never came. After waiting some time, he acknowledged that he had lost his bet; but he still felt so certain of the snake's return that he offered to pay, not two gallons, but four, if the Great Father did not appear within two days. The Frenchman agreed to this, and the second morning saw both men on the spot.
Some hours passed, and the Frenchman was already counting on the gallons of rum, when, about one o'clock, a motion was seen in the grass, and the Great Father glided rapidly towards them. He made straight for his box, as a man would make for his house, and without waiting to be told, he curled himself up snugly inside, and the door was shut on him.
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