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Stories of Animals, Fantastic and Mundane, Edited By Andrew Lang

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262                KANNY, THE KANGAROO
the end they never could bear to see Kanny help herself first at dinner, and growled and snarled when she put her paws into the dish.
Kanny's favourite dinner was rabbit bones, and this taste was shared by the cats, but in general they con­sidered that, in the matter of food, she was not to be depended upon. Fancy any sensible creature liking tea,
when it could get good milk, and sometimes—say on birthdays—cream! What could she see in all those horrid pink and yellow things that the children called 'bull's eyes,' and ' lollipops ' ? and surely she must be mad to get so excited over those hard white fruits that were said to be almonds. But Kanny paid no heed to these remarks and scornful glances, and ate thankfully all the sweets that the children gave her. Indeed, almost the
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