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LION-HUNTING AND LIONS             301
lion, he has taken the skin,' for the skin of a freshly killed antelope, which had been hung up inside the camp, had disappeared altogether. The Kaffir boy, who had been sitting behind the fire, had seen the lion come straight through a hole in the fence close to the dogs, and quite near the horses, and pick up one of the three skins rolled up on the ground. The lion does not seem to have noticed (or smelt) the horses, or they him, which proves that there
is no truth in the story that horses always scent lions from a great distance.
Notwithstanding all this excitement, Selous, who was very tired, returned, for the third time, to bed, and for a time all was pretty still. Then, again, there was heard the dash of the puppies from outside the camp, and one of the men observed that a lion must be about. On this Selous got up, and looking at the antelope skins discovered that another had been taken away. So he
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