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Travellers along the great grassy plains that extend for hundreds of miles on the eastern side of the Eocky Mountains, to an immense distance north and south, have been surprised to see dotted about, circles of grass much greener and richer than the rest of the country, to which they have given the name of ' fairy rings.'
They might watch for many moonlight nights without seeing the fairies making these rings in their dances, or if any traveller did happen to pass them by, he would not for one moment guess whose fairy feet tread made the grass so thick and bright. For the real fairies are huge clumsy creatures, with such enormous heads that it seems as if the animal must always be tumbling over from the weight,, and they are covered from head to foot with very dark thick hair, which forms a dense shaggy mane over the head and shoulders. And these fairies have horns, not long, but very powerful, and are fond of fighting, which they have plenty of time for, as they are very sociable, and live together in large herds, some­times, as many as three or four thousand at once. And they are known in the countries they inhabit by the name of bisons or buffaloes.
Now, it may be thought that the buffaloes which live on the prairies or plains on the borders of Texas and Mexico would lead a much easier and pleasanter life than their brothers far away up in Canada, but this is not so.
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