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hood, he actually asked to be taught to shudder.' ' If that's all he wants,' said the sexton, 'I can teach him that; just you send him to me, I'll soon polish him up.' The father was quite pleased with the proposal, because he thought: ' It will be a good discipline for the youth.' And so the sexton took him into his house, and his duty was to toll the bell. After a few days he woke him at midnight, and bade him rise up and climb into the tower and toll. ' Now, my
friend, I'll teach you to shudder,' thought he. He stole forth secretly in front, and when the youth was up above, and had turned round to grasp the bell-rope, he saw, standing opposite the hole of the bel­fry, a white figure. ' Clio's there '? ' he called out, but the figure gave no answer, and neither stirred nor moved. ' Answer,' cried the youth,' or begone; you have no business here at this hour of the night.' But the sexton remained motionless, so that the youth
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