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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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'Nibble, nibble, little mouse, Who's nibbling my house ? '
The children answered :
* 'Tis Heaven's own child, The tempest wild,'
and went on eating, without putting themselves about. Hansel, who thoroughly appreciated the roof, tore down a big bit of it, while Grettel pushed out a whole round window-pane, and sat down the
better to enjoy it. Suddenly the door opened, and an ancient dame leaning on a staff hobbled out. Hansel and Grettel were so terrified that they let what they had in their hands fall. But the old woman shook her head and said: ' Oh, ho ! you dear children, who led you here ? Just come in and stay with me, no ill shall befall you.' She 4 took them both by the hand and led them into the house, and laid a most sumptuous dinner before them—milk and sugared pancakes, with apples and nuts. After they had finished, two beautiful little
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