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AND THE FAIRY PARIBANOU                   347
Prince, ' observe that this pipe is furnished with a glass at both ends; and consider that by looking through one of them you see whatever object you wish to behold.' ' I am,' said the Prince,' ready to make you all imaginable reparation for the scandal I have thrown on you if you will make the truth of what you advance appear,' and as he had the ivory pipe in his hand, after he had looked at the two glasses he said : ' Show me at which of these ends I must look that I may be satisfied.' The crier presently showed him, and he looked through, wishing at the same time to see the Sultan his father, whom he
immediately beheld in perfect health, set on his throne, in the midst of his council. Afterwards, as there was nothing in the world so dear to him, after the Sultan, as the Princess Nouronnihar, he w ished to see her ; and saw her at her toilet laughing, and in a pleasant humour, with her women about her.
Prince AH wanted no other proof to be persuaded that this per­spective glass was the most valuable thing in the world, and believed that if he should neglect to purchase it he should never meet again with such another rarity. He therefore took the crier with him to
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