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352               THE STORY OF PRINCE AHMED
or near. And though it was believed that he shot the farthest, and that he therefore deserved the Princess Nouronnihar, it was, how­ever, necessary that his arrow should be found to make the matter more evident and certain ; and, notwithstanding his remonstrance, the Sultan judged in favour of Prince Ali, and gave orders for pre­parations to be made for the wedding, which was celebrated a few days after with great magnificence.
Prince Houssain would not honour the feast with his presence. In short, his grief was so violent and insupportable that he left the
Court, and renounced all right of succession to the crown, to turn hermit.
Prince Ahmed, too, did not come to Prince Ali's and the Princess Nouronnihar's wedding, any more than his brother Houssain, but did not renounce the world as he had done. But, as he could not imagine what had become of his arrow, he stole away from his attendants and resolved to search after it, that he might not have anything to reproach himself with. "With this intent he went to the place where the Princes Houssain and Ali's were gathered up, and, going straight forwards from there, looking carefully on both
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