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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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[These illustrations are reproduced in full color following page 74.]
'You will have to make me your Wife? said the Elf Maiden (p. 193)
Prince Almas Transformed ....
The Punishment of the Pose .
Habogi's Horses ......
' Listen, listen!' said the Mermaid to the Prince .......
The Princess and the Snake
Bubezahl and the Princess
The Dragon and the Mirror
The Deer eludes Prince Tahmdsp
Mihr-afruz and Prince Tahmasp
The Shadoiv in the Stream ....
Chil-maq carries off Almas
The Death of the Bad One ....
The Witch outstrips the Wolf.
' Wake up, my Grandson, it is time to go home' .......
Frontispiece to face p. 20
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