The BROWN FAIRY BOOK - online childrens book

A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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The Bunyip ......
The Yara Defeated .....
The Little Hare is Caught
The Turtle Outwitted .....
Geirald claims his Reward and the Queen
demands another Test .... The Jealous Sisters spell-bound in the Ashpit The Mermaid asJcs for the King's Child The Princess on the Seashore . The Bee, the Princess, the Red Knight, and
the Lion .......
Pivi dives for the Shellfish
The Princess sees the Magic Head
The Golden Hen will not be Caught
Signy at the Window           ....
The Gnome falls in love with the Princess Wali Dad and the Peris ....
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Prince Almas brings Game to the King Lion
The Dog and his Attendants .
The Boy in the Witch's Hut ....
The Magic Baslcet .
The Wonderful Cock ......
The Holy Man gives the Bag to Father Grumbler
Julia sings her Song into the Shell
The Girl laughs at the Army of Turtles .
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