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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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temper, and as this was an invitation Father Grumbler never refused, he tossed it off and left the house.
He took the road that led to the Holy Man's cave, and made such haste that it was not long before he reached it.
' Who is there ? ' said a voice in answer to his knock.
' It is me, it is me, Holy Man. You know quite well. Father Grumbler, who has as many children as sparrows in the garden.'
' But, my good man, it was only yesterday that I gave you a handsome present.'
' Yes, Holy Man, and here it is. But something has happened, I don't know what, and it won't work any more.'
' Well, put it down. I will go and see if I can find anything for you.'
In a few minutes the Holy Man returned with a cock under his arm.
' Listen to me,' he said, ' whenever you want money, you have only to say: " Show me what you can do, cock," and you will see some wonderful things. But, remember, it is not necessary to let all the world into the secret.'
' Oh no, Holy Man, I am not so foolish as that.'
' Nor to tell everybody that I gave it to you,' went on the Holy Man. ' I have not got these treasures by the dozen.'
And without waiting for an answer he shut the door.
As before, the distance seemed to have wonderfully shortened, and in a moment the tavern rose up in front of Father Grumbler. Without stopping to think, he went straight in, and found the innkeeper's wife in the kitchen making a cake.
' Where have you come from, with that fine red cock in your basket,' asked she, for the bird was so big that the lid would not shut down properly.
' Oh, I come from a place where they don't keep these
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