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fall; and he did not see the husband and wife exchanging glances with each other which said, ' That would be a splendid cock to put with our basket.'
' Have another glass of wine ? ' suggested the inn­keeper, when they had finished admiring the beauty of the cock, for they pretended not to have seen the gold or the diamonds. And Father Grumbler, nothing loth, drank one glass after another, till his head fell forward on the table, and once more he was sound asleep. Then the woman gently coaxed the cock from the basket and carried it off to her own poultry yard, from which she brought one exactly like it, and popped it in its place.
Night was falling when the man awoke, and throwing proudly some grains of gold on the table to pay for the wine he had drunk, he tucked the cock comfortably into his basket and set out for home.
His wife and all the children were waiting for him at the door, and as soon as she caught sight of him she broke out:
' You are a nice man to go wasting your time and your money drinking in that tavern, and leaving us to starve! Aren't you ashamed of yourself ? '
' You don't know what you are talking of,' he answered. ' Money ? Why, I have gold and diamonds now, as much as I want. Do you see that cock ? Well, you have only to say to him, " Show what you can do, cock," and some­thing splendid will happen.'
Neither wife nor children were inclined to put much faith in him after their last experience ; however, they thought it was worth trying, and did as he told them. The cock flew round the room like a mad thing, and crowed till their heads nearly split with the noise ; but no gold or diamonds dropped on the brick floor—not the tiniest grain of either.
Father Grumbler stared in silence for an instant, and then he began to swear so loudly that even his family,
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