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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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' It is me! It is me ! Holy Man ! you know! Father-----'
' But, my good fellow, you really should give some one else a chance. This is the third time you have been—and at such an hour, too !'
' Oh, yes, Holy Man, I know it is very late, but you will forgive me ! It is your cock—there is something the matter. It is like the basket. Look !'
' That my cock ? That my basket ? Somebody has played you a trick, my good man !'
' A trick ?' repeated Father Grumbler, who began to understand what had happened. ' Then it must have been those two-----'
' I warned you not to show them to anybody,' said the
Holy Man. ' You deserve-----but I will give you one more
chance.' And, turning, he unhooked something from the wall.
' When you wish to dust your own jacket or those of your friends,' he said, ' you have only got to say, " Flack, flick, switch, be quick," and you will see what happens. That is all I have to tell you.' And, smiling to himself, the Holy Man pushed Father Grumbler out of the cave.
' Ah, I understand now,' muttered the good man, as he took the road home; ' but I think I have got you two rascals! ' and he hurried on to the tavern with his basket under his arm, and the cock and the switch both inside.
' Good evening, friends !' he said, as he entered the inn. ' I am very hungry, and should be glad if you would roast this cock for me as soon as possible. This cock and no other—mind what I say,' he went on. ' Oh, and another thing ! You can light the fire with this basket. When you have done that I will show you something I have in my bag,' and, as he spoke, he tried to imitate the smile that the Holy Man had given him.
These directions made the innkeeper's wife very uneasy. However, she said nothing, and began to roast
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