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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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Once upon a time there lived a poor knight who had a great many children, and found it very hard to get enough for them to eat. One day he sent his eldest son, Eosald, a brave and honest youth, to the neighbouring town to do some business, and here Eosald met a young man named Geirald, with whom he made friends.
Now Geirald was the son of a rich man, who was proud of the boy, and had all his life allowed him to do whatever he fancied, and, luckily for the father, he was prudent and sensible, and did not waste money, as many other rich young men might have done. For some time he had set his heart on travelling into foreign countries, and after he had been talking for a little while to Rosald, he asked if his new friend would be his companion on his journey.
' There is nothing I should like better,' answered Eosald, shaking his head sorrowfully; ' but my father is very poor, and he could never give me the money.'
' Oh, if that is your only difficulty, it is all right,' cried Geirald. ' My father has more money than he knows what to do with, and he will give me as much as I want for both of us ; only, there is one thing you must promise me, Rosald, that, supposing we have any adventures, you will let the honour and glory of them fall to me.'
' Yes, of course, that is only fair,' answered Eosald, who never cared about putting himself forward. ' But I cannot go without telling my parents. I am sure they will think me lucky to get such a chance.'
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