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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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When the feast was over, Habogi led up a beautiful horse from a field where he had left it to graze, and bade Helga jump up on its splendid saddle, all embroidered in scarlet and gold. ' You shall come back again,' said he ; ' but now you must see the house that you are to live in.' And though Helga was very unwilling to go, something inside her forced her to obey.
The old man settled her comfortably, then sprang up in front of her as easily as if he had been a boy, and, shaking the reins, they were soon out of sight.
After some miles they rode through a meadow, with grass so green that Helga's eyes felt quite dazzled ; and feeding on the grass were a quantity of large fat sheep, with the curliest and whitest wool in the world.
' What lovely sheep ! whose are they ?' cried Helga.
' Your Habogi's,' answered he, ' all that you see belongs to him ; but the finest sheep in the whole herd, which has little golden bells hanging between its horns, you shall have for yourself.'
This pleased Helga very much, for she had never had anything of her own ; and she smiled quite happily as she thanked Habogi for his present.
They soon left the sheep behind them, and entered a large field with a river running through it, where a number of beautiful grey cows were standing by a gate waiting for a milk-maid to come and milk them.
' Oh, what lovely cows !' cried Helga again ; ' I am sure their milk must be sweeter than any other cows.' How I should like to have some ! I wonder to whom they belong ? '
' To your Habogi,' replied he ; ' and some day you shall have as much milk as you like, but we cannot stop now. Do you see that big grey one, with the silver bells between her horns ? That is to be yours, and you can have her milked every morning the moment you wake.'
And Helga's eyes shone, and though she did not say
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