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HABOGI                                  129
anything, she thought that she would learn to milk the cow herself.
A mile further on they came to a wide common, with short, springy turf, where horses of all colours, with skins of satin, were kicking up their heels in play. The sight of them so delighted Helga that she nearly sprang from her saddle with a shriek of joy.
' Whose are they ? Oh ! whose are they ?' she asked. ' How happy any man must be who is the master of such lovely creatures !'
' They are your Habogi's,' replied he, ' and the one which you think the most beautiful of all you shall have for yourself, and learn to ride him.'
At this Helga quite forgot the sheep and the cow. ' A horse of my own !' said she. ' Oh, stop one moment, and let me see which I will choose. The white one ? No. The chestnut? No. I think, after all, I like the coal-black one best, with the little white star on his forehead. Oh, do stop, just for a minute.'
But Habogi would not stop or listen. ' When you are married you will have plenty of time to choose one,' was all he answered, and they rode on two or three miles further.
At length Habogi drew rein before a small house, very ugly and mean-looking, and that seemed on the point of tumbling to pieces.
' This is my house, and is to be yours,' said Habogi, as he jumped down and held out his arms to lift Helga from the horse. The girl's heart sank a little, as she thought that the man who possessed such wonderful sheep, and cows, and horses, might have built himself a prettier place to live in ; but she did not say so. And, taking her arm, he led her up the steps.
But when she got inside, she stood quite bewildered at the beauty of all around her. None of her friends owned such things, not even the miller, who was the richest man she knew. There were carpets everywhere,
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