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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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passionately to each other as soon as they were alone ; and when night came they stole out of their rooms, and taking out the wedding-dress, they laid it in the ash-pit, and heaped ashes upon it. But Habogi, who knew a little magic, and had guessed what they would do, changed the ashes into roses, and cast a spell over the sisters, so that they could not leave the spot for a whole day, and every one who passed by mocked at them.
The next morning when they all awoke the ugly little tumble-down house had disappeared, and in its place stood a splendid palace. The guests' eyes sought in vain for the bridegroom, but could only see a handsome young man, with a coat of blue velvet and silver and a gold crown upon his head.
' Who is that ? ' they asked Helga.
' That is my Habogi,' said she.
[Neuislandischen Volksmarchen.]
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