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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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One day a wolverine was out walking on the hill-side, when, on turning a corner, he suddenly saw a large rock.
' Was that you I heard walking about just now ?' he asked, for wolverines are cautious animals, and always like to know the reasons of things.
' No, certainly not,' answered the rock; ' I don't know how to walk.'
' But I saw you walking,' continued the wolverine.
' I am afraid that you were not taught to speak the truth,' retorted the rock.
' You need not speak like that, for I have seen you walking,' replied the wolverine, ' though I am quite sure that you could never catch me !' and he ran a little dis­tance and then stopped to see if the rock was pursuing him ; but, to his vexation, the rock was still in the same place. Then the wolverine went up close, and struck the rock a blow with his paw, saying : ' Well, will you catch me now ? '
' I can't walk, but I can roll] answered the rock.
And the wolverine laughed and said : ' Oh, that will do just as well'; and began to run down the side of the mountain.
At first he went quite slowly, ' just to give the rock a chance,' he thought to himself; but soon he quickened his pace, for he found that the rock was almost at his heels. But the faster the wolverine ran, the faster the rock rolled, and by-and-by the little creature began to get very tired, and was sorry he had not left the rock to itself. Think-
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