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mornings, when a long rope was tied round her head, and she was fastened to a stake in a grassy meadow.
And so it happened to the goat and to the sheep.
Last of all came the reindeer, looking as he always did, as if some serious business was on hand.
' Where are you going ? ' asked the boy, who by this time was tired of wild cherries, and was thinking of his dinner.
' I am invited to the wedding,' answered the reindeer, 'and the miller has begged me on no account to fail him.'
' 0 fool! ' cried the boy, ' have you no sense at all ? Don't you know that when you get there they will hold you fast, for neither beast nor bird is as strong or as swift as you ?'
' That is exactly why I am quite safe,' replied the reindeer. ' I am so strong that no one can bind me, and so swift that not even an arrow can catch me. So, good­bye for the present, you will soon see me back.'
But none of the animals that went to the miller's wedding ever came back. And because they were self-willed and conceited, and would not listen to good advice, they and their children have been the servants of men to this very day.
[Lapplandische M&hrchen.]
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