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210                 THE ENCHANTED HEAD
flowers from every part of the world were blooming, and creepers of every colour hung in chains from tree to tree.
Then he remembered. ' Certainly that old woman's son is a clever magician ! ' cried he ; ' I never met anyone as clever as that. What shall I give him to do next? Let me think. Ah ! I know.' And he sent for the old woman, who by the orders of the head, was waiting below.
' Your son has carried out my wishes very nicely,' he said. ' The garden is larger and better than that of any other king. But when I walk across it I shall need some place to rest on the other side. In forty days he must build me a palace, in which every room shall be filled with different furniture from a different country, and each more magnificent than any room that ever was seen.' And having said this he turned round and went away.
' Oh ! he will never be able to do that,' thought she; ' it is much more difficult than the hill.' And she walked home slowly, with her head bent.
' Well, what am I to do next ? ' asked the head cheer­fully. And the old woman told her story.
' Dear me ! is that all ? why it is child's play,' answered the head ; and troubled no more about the palace for thirty-nine days. Then he told the old woman to go to the bridge and call for Hassan.
' What do you want, old woman ? ' asked Hassan, when he appeared, for he was not as polite as the others had been.
' Your master commands you to build the most mag­nificent palace that ever was seen,' replied she ; ' and you are to place it on the borders of the new garden.'
' He shall be obeyed,' answered Hassan. And when the sultan woke he saw, in the distance, a palace built of soft blue marble, resting on slender pillars of pure gold.
' That old woman's son is certainly all-powerful,' cried he ; ' what shall I bid him do now ? ' And after thinking
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