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214                 THE ENCHANTED HEAD
At the sight before him the king flew into a violent rage.
' I will never marry my daughter to such a monster,' he cried. But the princess placed her hand gently on his arm.
' You have given your word, my father, and you cannot break it,' said she.
' But, my child, it is impossible for you to marry such a being,' exclaimed the sultan.
' Yes, I will marry him. He has a beautiful head, and I love him already.'
So the marriage was celebrated, and great feasts were held in the palace, though the people wept tears to think of the sad fate of their beloved princess. But when the merry-making was done, and the young couple were alone, the head suddenly disappeared, or, rather, a body was added to it, and one of the handsomest young men that ever was seen stood before the princess.
' A wicked fairy enchanted me at my birth,' he said, ' and for the rest of the world I must always be a head only. But for you, and you only, I am a man like other men.'
' And that is all I care about,' said the princess.
[Traditions populaires de toutes Us nations (Asie MineureJ].
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