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230              THE SISTER OF THE SUN
' Yes, I can,' answered the old woman. ' She lives in the castle on the Banka. Her father lost a battle only a few days ago because you had stolen his sword from him, and the Sister of the Sun herself is almost dead of grief. But, when you see her, stick a pin into the palm of her hand, and suck the drops of blood that flow. Then she will grow calmer, and will know you again. Only, beware ; for before you reach the castle on the Banka fearful things will happen.'
He thanked the old woman with tears of gladness for the good news she had given him, and continued his journey. But he had not gone very far when, at a turn of the road, he met with two brothers, who were quarrelling over a piece of cloth.
' My good men, what are you fighting about ?' said he. ' That cloth does not look worth much !'
' Oh, it is ragged enough,' answered they, ' but it was left us by our father, and if any man wraps it round him no one can see him ; and we each want it for our own.'
' Let me put it round me for a moment,' said the youth, ' and then I will tell you whose it ought to be! '
The brothers were pleased with this idea, and gave him the stuff; but the moment he had thrown it over his shoulder he disappeared as completely as if he had never been there at all.
Meanwhile the young man walked briskly along, till he came up with two other men, who were disputing over a table-cloth.
' What is the matter ? ' asked he, stopping in front of them.
' If this cloth is spread on a table,' answered they, ' the table is instantly covered with the most delicious food; and we each want to have it.'
' Let me try the table-cloth,' said the youth, ' and I will tell you whose it ought to be.'
The two men were quite pleased with this idea, and handed him the cloth. He then hastily threw the first
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