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THE FOX AND THE LAPP               255
' Do you happen to have an extra pair of eyes any­where ? ' asked the fox.
' I am sorry to say I have only those I am using,' replied the bee. And the fox went on till he nearly fell over an asp who was gliding across the road.
' I should be so glad if you would tell me where I could get a pair of eyes,' said the fox. ' I suppose you don't happen to have any you could lend me ?'
' Well, if you only want them for a short time, perhaps I could manage,' answered the asp ; ' but I can't do with­out them for long.'
' Oh, it is only for a very short time that I need them,' said the fox; ' I have a pair of my own just behind that hill, and when I rind them I will bring yours back to you. Perhaps you will keep these till then.' So he took the eyes out of his own head and popped them into the head of the asp, and put the asp's eyes in their place. As he was running off he cried over his shoulder : ' As long as the world lasts the asps' eyes will go down in the heads of foxes from generation to generation.'
And so it has been ; and if you look at the eyes of an asp you will see that they are all burnt; and though thousands of years have gone by since the fox was going about playing tricks upon everybody he met, the asp still bears the traces of the day when the sly creature cooked the salmon.
[Lapplandische Mahrchen.]
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