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350            THE KNIGHTS OF THE FISH
II will tell you,' said she ; ' but as I feel that I am going to die I shall keep that piece of news to myself, till you have brought me to life again.'
The young man laughed scornfully. ,' How do you propose that I should work that miracle ? '
' Oh, it is quite easy. Go into the garden and gather the flowers of the everlasting plant and some of dragon's blood. Crush them together and boil them in a large tub of water, and then put me into it.'
The knight did as the old witch bade him, and, sure enough, she came out quite whole, but uglier than ever. She then told the young man what had become of his brother, and he went down into the dungeon, and brought up his body and the bodies of the other victims who lay there, and when they were all washed in the magic water their strength was restored to them.
And, besides these, he found in another cavern the bodies of the girls who had been sacrificed to the dragon, and brought them back to life also.
As to the old witch, in the end she died of rage at seeing her prey escape her; and at the moment she. drew her last breath the castle of Albatroz fell into ruins with a great noise.
[From Cuentos, Oraciones, Adivinas recogidos por Fernan Caballaro.]
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