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quite willing to go with Jack my Hedgehog whenever he came to fetch her, because of the great love she bore to her dear old father.
Jack my Hedgehog continued to herd his pigs, and they increased in number till there were so many that the forest seemed full of them. So he made up his mind to live there no longer, and sent a message to his father tell­ing him to have all the stables and outhouses in the village cleared, as he was going to bring such an enormous herd that all who would might kill what they chose. His father was much vexed at this news, for he thought Jack had died long ago. Jack my Hedgehog mounted his cock, and driving his pigs before him into the village, he let every one kill as many as they chose, and such a hacking and hewing of pork went on as you might have heard for miles off.
Then said Jack: "Daddy, let the blacksmith shoe my cock once more. Then I'll ride off, and I promise you I'll never come back again as long as I live." So the father had the cock shod and rejoiced at the idea of get­ting rid of his son.
Then Jack my Hedgehog set off for the first kingdom, and there the king had given strict orders that if any one should be seen riding a cock and carrying a bagpipe he was to be chased away and shot at, and on no account to be allowed to enter the palace. So when Jack my Hedge­hog rode up the guards charged him with their bayonets, but he put spurs to his cock, flew up over the gate right to the king's windows, let himself down on the sill, and called out that if he was not given what had been promised him, both the king and his daughter should pay for it with their lives. Then the king coaxed and entreated his daughter to go with Jack and so save both their lives.
The princess dressed herself all in white, and her father gave her a coach with six horses and servants in gorgeous liveries and quantities of money. She stepped into the coach, and Jack my Hedgehog with his cock and pipe took his place beside her. They both took leave, and the king fully expected never to set eves on them again. But mat­ters turned out very differently from what he had expected, for when they had got a certain distance from the town
Jack tore all the Princess' smart clothes off her and pricked her all over with his bristles, saying: "That's
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