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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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Bretons. There are also modern tales by a learned Scandinavian named Topelius.
All the stories were translated or adapted by Mrs. Lang, except ' The Jogi's Punishment' and ' Moti,' done by Major Campbell out of the Pushtoo language ; ' How Brave Walter hunted Wolves,' which, with ' Little Lasse ' and ' The Raspberry Worm,' was done from Topelius by Miss Harding ; and ' The Sea King's Gift,' by Miss Christie, from the same author.
It has been suggested to the Editor that children and parents and guardians would like ' The Grey True Ghost-Story Book.' He knows that the children would like it well, and he would gladly give it to them ; but about the taste of fond anxious mothers and kind aunts he is not quite so certain. Before he was twelve the Editor knew true ghost stories enough to fill a volume. They were a pure joy till bedtime, but then, and later, were not wholly a source of unmixed pleasure. At that time the Editor was not afraid of the dark, for he thought, ' If a ghost is here, we can't see him.' But when older and better informed persons said that ghosts brought their own light with them (which is too true), then one's emotions were such as parents do not desire the young to endure. For this reason ' The Grey True Ghost-Story Book ' is never likely to be illustrated by Mr. Ford.
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