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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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46              THE HEART OF A MONKEY
go on to your country as fast as we can, and when we arrive you can look for my heart, and if you find it you can kill me.'
The monkey spoke in such a calm, indifferent way that the shark was quite deceived, and began to wish he had not beon in such a hurry.
' But there is no use going on if your heart is not with you,' he said at last. ' We had better turn back to the town, and then you can fetch it.'
Of course, this was just what the monkey wanted, but he was careful not to seem too pleased.
'Well, I don't know,' he remarked carelessly, 'it is such a long way ; but you may be right.'
' I am sure I cm,' answered the shark, ' and I will
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