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THE HEART OF A MONKEY             53
' " Oh, fie ! " exclaimed the hare. " You, a lion and a grown-up person, and ask questions like that. If the donkey had had a heart would she be here now ? The first time she came she knew you were trying to kill her, and ran away. Yet she came back a second time. Well, if she had had a heart would she have come back a second time ? Now would she ? "
'And the lion answered slowly, "No, she would not."
' So you think I am a washerman's donkey ? ' said the monkey to the shark, when the story was ended. ' You are wrong ; I am not. And as the sun is getting low in the sky, it is time for you to begin your homeward journey. You will have a nice cool voyage, and I hope you will find the sultan better. Farewell! ' And the monkey disappeared among the green branches, and was gone.
From ' Swabili Tales,' by Edward Steere, LL.D.
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