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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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' It was lucky indeed,' answered the queen ; ' but tell me, where is thy soul, that I may take care of it ? '
' Up there, in the Bonnach stone,' answered the giant, pointing to a stone wliich was balanced loosely on an edge of rock. ' But now leave me, that I may sleep, for I have far to go to-morrow.'
Soon snores were heard from the corner where the giant lay, and then the queen lay down too, and the horses, and the king was hidden between them, so that none could see him.
Before the dawn the giant rose and went out, and immediately the queen ran up to the Bonnach stone, and tugged and pushed at it till it was quite steady on its ledge, and could not fall over. And so it was in the evening when the giant came home ; and when they saw his shadow, the king crept down in front of the horses.
' Why, what have you done to the Bonnach stone ? ' asked the giant.
' I feared lest it should fall over, and be broken, with your soul in it,' said the queen, ' so I put it further back on the ledge.'
' It is not there that my soul is,' answered he, 'it is on the threshold. But it is time the horses were fed;' and he fetched the hay, and gave it to them, and they bit and kicked him as before, till he lay half dead on the ground.
Next morning he rose and went out, and the queen ran to the threshold of the cave, and washed the stones, and pulled up some moss and little flowers that were hidden in the crannies, and by and bye when dusk had fallen the giant came home.
' You have been cleaning the threshold,' said he.
' And was I not right to do it, seeing that your soul is in it ? ' asked the queen.
' It is not there that my soul is,' answered the giant. ' Under the threshold is a stone, and under the stone is a sheep, and in the sheep's body is a duck, and in the
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