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94                         A FRENCH PUCK
' What a beautiful girl!' exclaimed the men. ' What a lovely dress ! ' whispered the women. But just as she entered the church and took the hand of the bridegroom, who was waiting for her, a loud noise was heard.
' Crick ! crack ! Crick ! crack ! ' and the wedding garments fell to the ground, to the great confusion of the wearer.
Not that the ceremony was put off for a little thing like that! Cloaks in profusion were instantly offered to the young bride, but she was so upset that she could hardly keep from tears. One of the guests, more curious than the rest, stayed behind to examine the dress, determined, if she could, to find out the cause of the disaster.
' The thread must have been rotten,' she said to herself. ' I will see if I can break it.' But search as she would she could find none.
The thread had vanished !
From 'Literature Orale de l'Auvergne,' par Paul Sebillot.
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