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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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said he, ' but I'm sure I wish it was so.' ' Don't you remember our three babes, that are still alive ? ' ' Show me them. My mind is all a heap of confusion.' ' Look for the half of our marriage ring, that hangs at your neck, and fit it to this.' Ho did so, and the same moment the charm was broken. His full memory came back on him, and he flung his arms round his wife's neck, and both burst into tears.
Well, there was a great cry outside, and the castle walls were heard splitting and cracking. Everyone in the castle was alarmed, and made their way out. The prince and princess went with the rest, and by the time all were safe on the lawn, down came the building, and made the ground tremble for miles round. No one ever saw the witch and her daughter afterwards. It was not long till the prince and princess had their children with them, and then they set out for their own palace. The kings of Ireland and of Munster and Ulster, and their wives, soon came to visit them, and may every one that deserves it be as happy as the Brown Bear of Norway and his family.
From ' West Highland Tales.'
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