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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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There was once a little boy whose name was Lars, and because he was so little he was called Little Lasse ; he was a brave little man, for he sailed round the world in a pea-shell boat.
It was summer time, when the pea shells grew long and green in the garden. Little Lasse crept into the pea bed where the pea stalks rose high above his cap, and he picked seventeen large shells, the longest and straightest he could find.
Little Lasse thought, perhaps, that no one saw him ; but that was foolish, for God sees everywhere.
Then the gardener came with his gun over his shoulder, and he heard something rustling in the pea bed.
' I think that must be a sparrow,' he said. ' Has ! Has ! ' But no sparrows flew out, for Little Lasse had no wings, only two small legs. ' Wait! I will load my gun and shoot the sparrows,' said the gardener.
Then Little Lasse was frightened, and crept out on to the path.
' Forgive me, dear gardener ! ' he said. ' I wanted to get some fine boats.'
' Well, I will this time,' said the gardener. ' But another time Little Lasse must ask leave to go and look for boats in the pea bed.'
' I will,' answered Lasse ; and he went off to the shore. Then he opened the shells with a pin, split them carefully in two, and broke small little bits of sticks for
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