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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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LITTLE LA88E                       135
pearls on the collar. He came to Little Lasse and said, ' Would you like to sail round the world ? '
' Yes,' said Lasse in his sleep, ' I should like to.'
' Come, then,' said the dream-boy, ' and let us sail in your pea-shell boats. You shall sail in Hercules and I shall sail in The Flea.''
So they sailed away from the ' Land of Nod,' and in a little while Hercules and The Flea were on the shores of Asia away at the other end of the world, where the Ice Sea flows through Behring Straits into the Pacific Ocean. A long way off in the winter mist they could see the explorer Nordenskiold with his ship Vega trying to find an opening between the ice. It was so cold, so cold ; the great icebergs glittered strangely, and the huge whales now lived under the ice, for they could not make a hole through with their awkward heads. All around on the dreary shore there was snow and snow as far as the eye could see ; little grey men in shaggy skins moved about, and drove in small sledges through the snow drifts, but the sledges were drawn by dogs.
' Shall we land here ? ' asked the dream-boy.
' No,' said Little Lasse. ' I am so afraid that the whales would swallow us up, and the big dogs bite us. Let us sail instead to another part of the world.'
' Very well,' said the dream-boy with the red cap and the silver band ; ' it is not far to America '—and at the same moment they were there.
The sun was shining and it was very warm. Tall palm trees grew in long rows on the shore and bore coconuts in their top branches. Men red as copper galloped over the immense green prairies and shot their arrows at the buffaloes, who turned against them with their sharp horns. An enormous cobra which had crept up the stem of a tall palm tree threw itself on to a little llama that was grazing at the foot. Knaps ! it was all over with the little llama.
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