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138                       LITTLE LASSE
thousands of little children, and they made a ring around him and sang a little song :
The world is very, very wide,
Little Lasse, Lasse, And though you've sailed beyond the tide, You can never tell how wide It is on the other side,
Lassc, Little Lasse. You have found it cold and hot,
Little Lasse, Lasse ; But in no land is God not,
Lassc, Little Lasse. Many men live there as here, But they all to God are dear,
Little Lasse, Lasse. When His angel is your guide,
Little Lasso, Lasse, Then no harm can e'er betide, Even on the other side
Where the -wild beasts wander. But tell us now,
Whene'er you roam,
Do you not find the best is home Of all the lands you've looked upon,
Lasse, Little Lasse ?
When the dreams had sung their song they skipped away, and Nukku Matti carried Lasse back to the boat. He lay there for a long time quite still, and he still heard the frying-pan frizzling at home on the fire, the frizzling was very plain, Little Lasse heard it quite near him ; and so he woke up and rubbed his eyes.
There he lay in the boat, where he had fallen asleep. The wind had turned, and the boat had drifted out with one wind and drifted in with another while Little Lasse slept, and what Lasse thought was frizzling in a frying-pan was the low murmur of the waves as they washed against the stones on the shore. But he was not altogether wrong, for the clear blue sea is like a great pan in which God's sun all day makes cakes for good children.
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